5/10/2020 link to Mother's Day Service
5/13/2020 link to Wed. message
5/17/2020 link to Sunday May 17th message
5/20/2020 link to Wednesday message
5/24/2020 link to Sunday service
5/27/2020 link to Wednesday message
5/31/2020 link to Sunday service
6/3/2020 link to Wednesday message
6/7/2020 link to Sunday service
6/14/2020  Link to Sunday service
6/17/2020   Link to Wednesday message
6/21/2020   Link to Father's Day service
6/28/2020   Link to Sunday service 
7/4/2020   Link to Independence Day weekend service
7/12/2020   Link to Sunday Service on You Tube
7/19/2020   Link to Sunday Service on You tube
7/26/2020   Link to Sunday Service on You Tube
8/2/2020     Link to Sunday Service on You Tube
8/9/2020     Link to Sunday Service on You Tube
8/16/2020   Link to Sunday Service on You Tube
8/19/2020   Link to Wednesday night message on You Tube
8/23/2020    Link to Sunday Service 8/23/20 on You Tube
8/30/2020   Link to Sunday Service 8/30/20 on You Tube
9/6/2020    Link to Sunday Service 9/6/20 on You Tube   
9/13/2020   Link to Sunday Service 9/13/20 on You Tube
9/13/2020   Link to Sunday Service 9/20/20 on You Tube
9/27/2020   Link to Sunday Service 9/27/20 on You Tube
10/4/2020   Link to Sunday Service 10/4/2020 on You Tube
10/18/2020   Link to Sunday Service 10/18/2020 on You Tube
10/28/2020    Link to Wednesday service 10/28/2020 on You Tube
11/1/2020     Link to Sunday Service 11/1/2020 on You Tube
11/8/2020    Link to Sunday Servcie 11/8/2020 on You Tube
11/29/20   link to Sunday Service 11/29/2020   on you tube
12/6/20   Link to Sunday Service 12/6/20 on You Tube
12/13/20   Link to Sunday Service 12/13/20 on You Tube
12/20/20   Link to Sunday Service 12/20/20  on ou Tube
12/24/20   link to Christmas Eve Candle light service
12/27/20   Link to Sunday service 12/27/20 on You Tube
1/3/21      Link to Sunday service  1/3/21 on You Tube
1/10/20     Link to Sunday Service 1/10/21 on You Tube
1/24/21   Link to Sunday Service 1/24/21 on You Tube
1/31/21   Link to Sunday Service 1/31/21 on You Tube
2/7/2021   Link to Sunday Service  2/7/21   on You tube
03/14/2021  Link to Sunday Sergvice 3/14/21 on You Tube
03/21/2021   Link to Sunday Service   3/21/21  on You Tube
3/28/2021   Link to Sunday Service 3/28/21  on You Tube
4/4/2021   Link to Easter Sunday Service on You Tube
4/11/2021    Link to Sunday Service   on You Tube